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Vena Copilot for FP&A: Your Complete Planning AI Assistant

Unlock productivity and strategic potential with Vena Copilot’s industry-leading FP&A expertise and native integration with Microsoft 365, powered by Microsoft Azure’s generative AI technology.

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FP&A Teams, Meet Your New Best Friend

Vena Copilot works as an extension of your FP&A team. It uses the most intuitive interface there is, natural language, to gather data, generate reports, analyze trends, optimize forecasts, answer complex business questions and more. Ask about seasonal patterns in your revenue by product. Find out which departments have the highest in period actual to budget variances. With Vena Copilot, anyone can access insights, plan more strategically and go from data to decision in record time.

Generative AI Purpose-Built for FP&A

Easily create and train custom AI models that are tailored to your Complete Planning use cases and data sets and get smarter over time.

Why build it in Vena with Candura


When Candura implement Vena we utilise the Vena Implementation methodology. Throughout this process you can be confident that we will provide constant feedback on costs, resources and timings. We provide full transparency every step of the way.


Our consultants observe the highest of professional and ethical standards. They live the values that we demand of being fair, honest, transparent and trustworthy. We employ good people that are highly skilled  with a strong work ethic.



We have all elements of your project covered with our planning and reporting experts. Project Managers, Application Consultants, Integration & Technical Specialists. All of our consultants are highly experienced collaborative practicioners.

Ready to dive in?

Let's have a discovery call. Speak to us about the benefits of modernising your planning and reporting cycles. Spend 15 minutes with us to hear how we have helped organisations and how we can help you.

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